Tuesday, June 19, 2012


My boss is sooo checked out. He's barely interested in what I'm doing. It wouldn't bother me if he then just let me alone to do my job. But no, we have to go through the motions of him being creative director. We present our work to him and he looks bored and underwhelmed. Then he disappears into his office and makes meaningless little revisions (change "personal finances" to "household budget" because he just likes it better that way) and makes sure we know he thinks what we do is meaningless and mundane.

For perspective, what we're doing now is developing new creative for a project that will go into the homes of 640,000 customers this September. It is estimated to be worth well over $1 million to our client. So it is important, if not to my boss.

It would be nice if he could manage to stay awake while reviewing it!

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  1. odd how so much of that feels like it was in my lifetime.


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