Sunday, May 13, 2012

I've got to stop doing this

Yesterday, my mom and I celebrated Mother's Day. I took Saturday because my kid sister refuses to commit to a time to celebrate on Sunday as she is a mother, too, and the day should be about her, too (as opposed to every other day of the year). My mom and I agreed that we'd talk on Saturday at 11:00, after my trip to the vet with Joey and her time in the stands for my nephew's morning soccer game. When I called, she didn't answer.

Where was she? Bathroom (it's a 4BR ranch house) and it's hard to get to the phone in 5 rings before the machine picks up (she still has a machine). Yard? The garbage has to go out. Still with my sister? That would piss me off, if my sister decided to run errands with my mom in the car, making her unable to honor her commitment to me.

The hospital. I was sure she was back in the hospital.

So I got angry at my sister so I called back and left a snotty message on my mom's machine because angry is easier for me to handle than terror.

Turns out she was with my sister's family. Instead of 11:00, she was home by 12:30. She was fine. She liked her gifts (giftcards so she can spoil my niece and nephew and a little plush toy, a gardener, because she misses working in her own garden -- hard on her knees). We had a nice visit. Her health is on the mend.

I just have to stop worrying like this. Every time she doesn't answer, my mom isn't dying.


  1. What a tough situation. How do we not worry about our aging parents??

  2. So true, Kwiz. Especially after they've had a health scare.