Friday, May 25, 2012

Guess how I spent the first day of the four day weekend

Napping! Yes, indeed, I took a 90-minute nap on the sofa. I don't feel guilty. I enjoyed it.

Oh, I also went to the bank and my neighborhood coffee shop. After I indulged in bacon and eggs while reading my massive but thoroughly enjoyable Al Capone biography, I discovered I'd left my wallet at home. I was sooooo embarrassed! The owner happened to be working the counter, which made me happy because I didn't want to put my waitress in the sensitive position of figuring what to do with me. I was prepared to leave my cellphone as "collateral" while I ran home (I live about two blocks away). She told me not to be embarrassed, not to race home. "You will pay it when you can." I so appreciated her kindness that after retrieving my wallet from my kitchen counter at home, I paid it forward by giving a homeless person whatever change I had and then buying Streetwise from the vendor in front of the bank.

The bank was eventful because I went to my safety deposit box to get the savings bonds I've purchased for my nephew's college fund. I give him $100/year in Series EE Bonds. I did the same for my niece. By the time he graduates from highschool, the $1800 in bonds he gets from me will be worth about $2000. My 12-year-old nephew let it slip that his mother -- my darling kid sister -- wishes I would just give them money instead of savings bonds because bonds are "so hard to do anything with." Her staggering lack of gratitude annoys me. On the other hand, it made me smile because I don't want HER to do anything with those savings bonds. They're for the kids! And this Memorial Day weekend, I'm glad that I invest in US Savings Bonds instead of "just giving them money." So there!


  1. I'm always kind of stunned when your sister says such insensitive things.

  2. doesn't she know the gift is not for are doing the right thing...don't change!

  3. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Your sister scares me...I'm scared my kid sister is going to wind up just like her.

    And I once forgot my wallet when I went out to eat. Or rather...twice. The first time I was alone and did the same thing as you-offered my phone as collateral. The second time it happened, I was with my best friend and she was more than happy to cover my share of our bill. I have to learn to check to make sure I have my wallet whenever I go out.


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