Sunday, April 15, 2012

Shopping in Ye Olde Colonial Williamsburg

Oh, I spent too much on stuff while vacationing! But the bills haven't arrived yet, so why let it bring me down? Instead, let's enjoy a review:

• Peacock pearl earrings for my niece. Purchased at The Golden Ball, the Colonial Williamsburg Silversmith. She just got her ears pierced, and I think she'll appreciate the delicate blue/purple color.

• Dried lavender for my mom from The Colonial Garden. It was hard to get the stalks home and in tact, but my checked bag smells lovely!

• The official compilation of "scary tales from Colonial Williamsburg" for my nephew.

Spiced chocolate sticks for my coworkers. Everyone on my team gets one, even the chocolate-covered spider. (Maybe it will sweeten her up!)

Oh, and I got more gifties for friends but enough of that yammering. Let's look at what I got ME!

Terrific little black clogs from a store called Shoester. I had just noticed at dinner the night before that I'd worn down the heels on my black/white mary janes and the very next day I fell in love with these. They're built like Birkenstocks, so they will be good for my feet, but let's face it, they're more attractive. The manufacturer is called Think! I found I could have gotten them for less from their website but you know, when I wouldn't have. I never, ever would have spent this much on a pair of shoes without trying them on first. The staff at Shoester understood this and was very helpful.

A charm representing my favorite Colonial Williamsburg building, Bruton Parish. This Episcopal church is a very serene old girl, surrounded by gardens and their own little cemetery. They have been holding services for more than 300 years. When I wear this on a chain around my neck, it will help me send my mind back to this specific happy place.


  1. Those shoes are awesome! I love that shape, but these are lacy with the shape I like... whOOoOoHOoOOOot. (okay calming down now... quietly she says) ... I really like those shoes. ;-)

  2. The earrings sound so lovely! what a nice collection of gifts. And I love the shoes!