Sunday, April 08, 2012

Her new young man

Met my niece's boyfriend! Jason is a townie, 26 or 27 to her 20, and an employee of the railroad. He's chatty, once you get him talking, and very good to my niece. It was cute, the way she hung on to his fingers.

My mom looks very good! She didn't join us for brunch, but I guess that would be a lot to expect from an old girl who very nearly died just three weeks ago. She gets dressed, moves around her house (a 4BR ranch), takes care of her cat, does her dishes. I don't believe she's been downstairs to do laundry yet, but you know what? So what!

My nephew was a little weird, a little distant with me. But he's 12, and very devoted to his mom, my kid sister, who remains mad at me for some reason. So I suspect he felt he was being loyal to his mother. Only I don't know what sin I committed this time. Perhaps my sister is upset that the unseasonable spring heat wave is over and she blames me. At any rate, I wasn't even invited to this little soiree until 10:00 this morning.

Oh well, I'm glad I got to see everyone. Even my sister. I insist on being classy because my mother deserves that at this stage.

Now, on to preparing for my trip tomorrow!

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