Wednesday, March 21, 2012



Blago, Blago, Blago! What a black eye you have given this state! Well, here I am, doing my part, to undo this grievous wrong and add a little luster to Illinois' reputation.

So here they are, 13 native-born Illinoisans who done good! I have alphabetized the list, so as not to play favorites.

1. John Belushi -- comedian, actor, original SNL castmember -- Wheaton, 1949

2. Lou Boudreau -- Hall of Fame player, manager and broadcaster -- Harvey, 1917

3. Dan Castellaneta -- Better known as the voice of Homer Simpson -- Oak Park, 1957

4. Hillary Clinton -- First Lady, NY Senator and Secretary of State -- Chicago, 1947

5. Cindy Crawford -- Supermodel -- DeKalb, 1966

6. John Deere -- He of tractor fame --  Moline, 1804

7. Betty Ford -- First Lady and activist -- Chicago, 1918

8. Ernest Hemingway -- Nobel and Pulitzer prize winning author -- Oak Park, 1899 

9. Jennifer Hudson -- Oscar winner -- Chicago, 1981

10. Ray Kroc -- Philanthropist and businessman of McDonald's fame -- Oak Park, 1902

11. Michelle Obama -- First Lady -- Chicago, 1964

12. Nicholle Thom -- the oldest daughter on The Nanny (just wanted to see if you were still reading) -- Hinsdale, 1978

13. George Will -- Pulitzer prize winning columnist -- Champaign, 1941

(No, I didn't forget Abraham Lincoln. He was born in Kentucky.)

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  1. Actually, Nicholle Thom's sister, Heather, was an original cast member of the US soap, The Young & the Restless. (We used to call it The Hung and the Breastless, but anyway...!)

    Nice list, and thanks for the info! Amy

  2. My students get all wound up and excited when I talk about John Deere (yes, that John Deere) in our history lessons.

  3. I always forget about Lincoln!

  4. Yep, lots of great people are from Illinois. Grin. I was born there and so was my husband.

    Happy TT!

  5. I didn't know Homer was from Oak Park. We lived there many years ago. Many..

    Have a great Thursday!

  6. I didn't know any of these. I will have to point them out to my CP - she's from there.

    Thanks for sharing!

    My TT:

  7. I knew a good portion of these, being from that (better) state to your north. ;-)