Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Let's hear it for the Gal!

On this, the last day of January, I made it! I reached my goal of 13 workouts/month. I defined a work out as at least 25 minutes of cardio and 10 minutes of either floor exercises or weight machines. On days I didn't work out, I tried to remember to do a little cardio at home in front of the TV. I was more or less successful with that, though I didn't give myself credit for that as I worked toward my goal.

I realize that I'm still moving too little and eating too much to lose any weight. But I'm starting to feel different. I have more energy and want to go to the health club, want to make sure I have a serving of fruit or vegetable with dinner.

So, while I still look like a massive moo-cow, at least I'm a more fit one. And for that I am taking a bow.

  Image: photostock / FreeDigitalPhotos.net