Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thursday Thirteen #148


And not just soldiers. These things would be valued by troops in the Air Force, Marines and Navy.

Operation Shoebox is a volunteer organization that puts together shoeboxes filled with gifts from home for our troops overseas. Here are just some of the things they suggest we donate. These items are so small, so mundane, that they humble me. THIS is what our troops are asking for, in exchange for defending us? If you can, please do what you can to pitch in and help by donating these items:

1) Twizzlers
2) Dental floss
3) Instant coffee
4) Girl Scout Cookies
5) Playing cards
6) Ramen noodles
7) Hand sanitizer
8) Paperback books
9) Batteries (esp. AA and D)
10) Plastic spoons
11) Sugar packets
12) Disposable razors
13)Travel-sized shampoo and conditioner

Many of these items will fit into a padded envelope. That's what I do: collect the items in an envelope and then send them off to Operation Shoebox. I also have a collection box at work for items like these. It's easy!

Contributions can be sent to:
Operation Shoebox
PO Box 1465
Belleview, FL  34421-1465

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  1. Awwww.... small things in exchange for defending the country - I would be humbled too. Here's hoping every soldier gets his wish in a shoebox.


  2. Anonymous3:47 AM

    An Honorable Discharge & a ticket home; all the padding an envelope needs.

    Let's discharge them all, send them back home, whatever country that may be.

    Then let's melt down all the guns & bombs & sell it for scrap metal, sit down and figure out how we can save the planet before we're all toast.

  3. RLAVALETTE -- An admirable sentiment during this season of Peace on Earth, or any season for that matter. But don't think it lets you off the hook for helping the boys and girls who are away from home and in harm's way, just because they offered to defend us.

  4. Thank you for sharing this. I send shoeboxes all the time and also drop off goodies at our Y when they do their collections. Nothing can compensate these men, women and their families for the sacrifice they make on our behalf.

  5. great list - I go to the dollar stores often and find great stuff to send

    they also need Qtips - A LOT OF THEM - they need them to clean their guns (and with all the desert sand if they are stationed in a desert area - it can be a matter of life or death)

  6. It really melts my heart when I see people doing these things. My husband was in the army for 11 years and he was deployed to Iraq in 2003. These seemingly little things became something incredibly special to all the soldiers.

    And a simple "thank you" goes a very long way.

    Any old DVD's that you don't watch anymore are also appreciated.