Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sometimes good can come from lurking

My niece, a freshman living away from home, is simply too busy to check in with me. And that's fine. I understand. But I miss her! And I'm a worrier. So I'm happy to lurk about on her Facebook page.

She studies while doing laundry. She's attended a concert. She's discovered (never mind that I tried to turn her on to it months ago; I'm a hopeless old fart). Her townhouse completes against the others on campus game night ("Yay! Free stuff!") Best of all, her roommate likes to photograph every moment of every day, so there are lots of new pics of my niece. Mostly a little red in the face, stifling a giggle, looking very happy.


  1. Anonymous8:18 PM

    My sister who's away at school actually blocked us on Facebook so we can't see what she's up to. I noticed this on her 21st when I was going to post a Happy Birthday message on her Facebook page.

  2. I love keeping up with my sisters' kids on Facebook.