Sunday, October 30, 2011

Better now

I had a good Friday and Saturday!

At the office, I really felt like I was back. My workload felt just right and I was pleased with what I wrote. My favorite coworker and de facto protegee, Tom,was in and out of my office all day, occasionally closing the door to share gossip or ask advice. It felt as though I had never been gone, and that's nice. Comforting.

I managed to get the last appointment of the night at my health club spa and got a really deep tissue massage. It wasn't relaxing and luxurious, it felt medicinal. Eric, the therapist, was very good but very chatty and serious about his work. Being assigned to him was a happy accident -- I took whoever he was available for 7:00 on Friday. But he has recently had abdominal surgery himself for intestinal issues and understood completely how I was feeling. How after weeks and weeks off, sitting at a desk and working on a keyboard can really rock the back and shoulders! And how to avoid any pressure on the small of my back that would bother my incision. I am still a little sore but it's a nice sore. Post-massage, I'm no longer feeling that sudden, irritating tingle between my shoulder blades.

Saturday I paid bills, got a haircut, and went to visit my mom. It was good to spend a little time with her. I realize how lucky I am that I was able to have my mother with me post-op. Just as I appreciate my friends more than ever.


  1. i can hear the relazation in your words..and it makes me very happy for you.
    your birthday is coming up and you will have much to celebrate...

  2. Sounds like a really great Friday & Saturday. I need a massage.

  3. So glad you're starting to feel your recovery, and that you had an empathetic massage therapist who was able to give you not only a good massage, but useful advice. Keep healing!