Thursday, August 18, 2011

The TV Meme

Thank you, Ms. Kwiz.

Pick your five favorite tv shows (in no particular order) and answer the following questions about them.
Don’t cheat!

1. Mad Men


3. Law & Order: SVU

4. The Closer

5. Royal Pains

Who is your favourite character in 2? Duh. Leroy Jethro Gibbs. You deserve a head slap for even asking the question!

Who’s your least favourite character in 1? Betty.

What’s your favourite episode of 4? The ones with Charlie, Fritz' troubled niece. She was played by Kyra Sedgwick's real-life daughter, and the chemistry between Charlie and Brenda was engaging.

What is your favourite season on 5? I get confused on the seasons with this one because it premieres and reruns on a schedule different from other shows. Still, I liked the season that introdued Hank and Evan's dad (Henry Winkler). It explained a lot.

What is your favourite relationship in 3? Elliot & Olivia! I can't believe they're writing Elliott out without them ever getting a chance to do it.

Who has the bad relationship in 2? Tony and Ziva, or TIVA, as they are known on fan boards.

How long have you watched 1? I got hooked in the middle of season 1, but I have caught up and seen them all.

How did you become interested in 3? I was a huge fan of the original L&O.

Who’s your favourite actor in 4? Kyra Sedgwick, aka My Girl Brenda

Which show do you prefer, 1, 2, or 5? You're making me choose between Mad Men and NCIS? Between Don Draper and Gibbs? OUCH! I guess I'd have to go with Mad Men because it's such a smart show. NCIS is a lot of things, but it's not intellectually challenging.

Which show have you seen more episodes of, 1 or 3? 3. There simply are more episodes to see. I doubt I'll watch any of the next season's episodes, what with all the upcoming cast changes. (No Olivia and Elliott? No Gal.)

If you could be anyone from 4, who would you be? Brenda. She really loved her cat.

How would you kill off your favourite character in 1? Do I have to? OK, I'd have Don die of a heart attack while in bed with an aspiring copywriter named The Gal Herself.

Give a random quote from 1. Peggy says, "You never say thank you." To which Don replies, "THAT'S WHAT THE MONEY IS FOR!"

Pair two characters in 3 that would make an unlikely, but strangely okay couple. Munch and the M.E. (Do we know her name?)

Has 4 inspired you in any way? No

Over all, which show has a better cast, 3 or 5? Until this moment? #3. But with the upcoming changes to Law & Order: SVU, I don't think that will last.

Which has better theme music, 2 or 4? Oh, 4. "Rely on yourself/trusting someone else is a path for the silent ghost."


  1. Oh my. I don't watch any of those shows! Great idea for a Thursday Thirteen, though.

  2. I caught a few episodes of Royal Pains and now have it on my queue at Netflix to catch up on the whole thing. It's fun. And I like Henry Winkler's character, too.

  3. I swiped this too. I like SVU a lot. I don't know how they'll continue the series without Bensen and Stabler.