Sunday, August 21, 2011

August Happiness Challenge -- Day 20

My Mommy. She has been making plans, all on her own, to get us to the hospital and then stay here with me after my surgery. I don't want her here. Of course, I don't want anyone here. I like to be left alone when I don't feel well. But she is on it.

My oldest friend has told me all along that she will fly in from LA to be with me. And I have suspected all along that she won't be here. Yesterday she told me that she's scheduling her own surgery on her arm "ASAP" so that she can get it done and over with in time to hold my hand here in Chicagoland. Then there her very troubled children and her own precarious work situation.

I would love to be wrong about my friend. Of everyone, I think I might be most comfortable with her here when I feel shitty. But I also know that, at her core, she's never been one to suck it up and choose the more difficult path. She wants to come out here and be with me when I need her, she sincerely does, so she said she'd do it -- even though she didn't think through the sacrifice it would take on her end. Just as she wanted to move to California and so she did, without thinking about the consequences of doing it the way she did.

And then on the other end of the spectrum is my mom. Who has seen my oldest friend and I do this dance for years. And who wisely, quietly began making plans on her own to be there with me at the hospital and then for a few days when I get home. I'm so relieved to have a Plan B and to be able to count on her.

It made me cry.

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  1. you can't beat having your mom matter what your age.
    let her help, let her have the blessing of taking care of her baby. it will do her more good then it will do you, i bet!