Wednesday, July 06, 2011

We're NOT helpless

Naturally I'm upset by the Casey Anthony verdict. Just as I was upset by the Michael Jackson and OJ Simpson verdicts. But I'm not going to slam the jury. Not one of those who deliberated was leaning toward "not guilty" because they grew up dancing to "Thriller" or cheered during that Heismann season.

Nor will I dismiss the defense team as slimeballs. Every one of us is entitled to a zealous defense before a jury of our peers. I watched as much of this trial as I could -- one of the reasons why I support cameras in the courtroom -- and am satisfied that Casey Anthony was treated fairly. That is a good thing, a wonderful thing.

What I'm surprised and disappointed by is all the hand wringing and whining about the jury system. Huh? What? When I'm called for jury duty, just about every person I know teases me about how I'm going to get out of it.

If you're angry about this verdict, or any other one, remember that it was decided by jurors who didn't wriggle out of jury service. Maybe it's because I do go each time I'm called and answer questions honestly that helps me not be as disillusioned as I might be. The system will work if we all participate. Next time you receive a jury summons, try to figure out how to serve rather than how to get out of it.


  1. Great point! I often think that (about jury duty) but I think some of people's frustrations is the odd randomness of how it falls... I have NEVER been called and my husband? FIVE TIMES. He is a SAH parent of two kids under five which is an automatic exemption which we take because while I could get off work for my jury duty, for his I would have to take vacation. Something I have in short supply after having to take some vacation to keep my maternity leave full-paid.

  2. Can I just post that entire thing on my blog? You said it so perfectly!

  3. I've only gone once, and ended up not even being interviewed. I'd actually like to have the opportunity to serve one day.

  4. The only time I was called I was living in Ireland. I wouldn't try to get out of it. I agree with you, it's my obligation.