Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hot town, summer in the city

Reflections on Summer in Chicago, 2011

• Crime is up. Much of it is Apple-related, with iPhones being separated from their owners in record numbers.

• I have yet to enjoy Puppet Bike in action! My favorite warm-weather street attraction is virtually MIA. I saw the unmanned bike itself in front of the Cultural Center one afternoon, but that was it. The corner where I usually see him is now taken by an Asian gentleman playing a rather exotic looking stringed instrument. I suppose there's value in that. But I'd much rather see mangy puppets dancing to zydeco music.

• There's a dearth of Farmers' Markets this year. Is it the economy?

• I believe I saw my first-ever pimp yesterday! A tall man in a deep red suit with a black shirt, black hat in hand. I feel more sophisticated now.

• The most popular White Sox players must Buehrle and Konerko, for these are the jerseys I see on fans on the street most often.

• Cubs fans have greater regard for heritage. Lots of Lee, Santo and Sandberg jerseys.

• I hate watching people walk their small-ish dogs across busy streets. Please, if your dog is too small to be easily spotted over a car bumper, carry him!

• Is there anything more attractive than watching and listening to a dad being attentive to his young daughter? Aw ....

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  1. Our local farmer's market has been booming this summer. But it's just on Saturday mornings.