Thursday, July 21, 2011

"Because every woman deserves support"

Support 1000 is a group that collects and distributes gently-used bras to schools, churches, and groups that provide appropriate clothes for job interviews.

When I first heard of this organization, I thought, "Huh? Wha?" And then I learned that bras are seldom, if ever, donated to places like Goodwill. People seem to assume that bras are like panties -- not suitable for resale. Consequently this expensive undergarment often remains out of reach to lower income girls and women.

All of us ladies know how important a decent bra is to looking our best, which is so important in the workplace. Who is going to hire a woman who bounces in braless? How are families going to get out of poverty without a parent with a good job?

Bras don't break, so I'm going to send the ones I no longer wear to Support 1000 in an oversized padded envelope.

P.O. Box 412406
Chicago, IL 60641

Support1000 is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, and accepts monetary donations as well as bras, because shipping to worthy women's groups in all 50 states (and faraway places like Jamaica and Kenya) is expensive.


  1. I will repost this when I get home.

  2. thanks I will pass this on to my friends.
    BTW...left a post for you to share with your friend.
    It is for someone in my family too...crossing my fingers she gets the message.
    All we can do is pray for their eyes to be opened.
    take care of this heat! yikes it is awful!


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