Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Thursday Thirteen #126


June is Paul McCartney's birthday month, so my June TT theme is All Macca/All the Time. Beginning with this one.

When you see photos of the Beatles performing, it's easy to spot Paul because his bass is pointing the other way. He's in illustrious left-handed company ...

1) Bill Clinton
2) Thomas Jefferson
3) Julius Caesar
4) Michelangelo
5) Mark Twain
6) Judy Garland
7) George Michael
8) Seal
9) Charlie Chaplin
10) Anthony Perkins
11) Jon Stewart
12) Monica Seles
13) Mike Tyson

and, of course, Sir Paul McCartney

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  1. I love tne list! I had forgotten Bill Clinton was left handed. And he's from my State! Oh for shame. Thanks for the post, you have a neat site :-)

  2. You mean they didn't just have him hold it funny to give the pictures symmetry?

  3. I was socialized out of my left-handedness, so now I do everything with that hand but write and brush my teeth. Neat to see just a lovely list. :)

    Happy TT,


    13 Paragraphs K. Troutte

  4. I've been told that I tie my shoes left-handed. I didn't realize there was a handness-way to tie shoes.

  5. I knew Judy Garland had my birthday but I didn't know we were both left handed too! Maybe I'm her I can't sing as well. :)

  6. Sir Paul is in great company! Makes me wish I was a southpaw :)