Saturday, June 04, 2011

Mi Día

The day started with me in Spanish class. Honest. I'm taking a two-day crash course in Spanish this weekend, three hours a day both today and tomorrow. My head is spinning! It's harder than I thought it would be and I'm not sure I recall a thing I learned this morning. Oh, well. There's still tomorrow's class and I have foreign language CDs, as well as friends who can help keep me sharp.

And then there was the repeat of last night's graduation. After the ceremony, my brother-in-law, nephew and I spontaneously ran out onto the field looking for The Graduate, my niece. My older sister took it upon herself to take my mother (who has difficulty walking) out to the parking lot and their car.

Now she's mad that she doesn't have any pictures of her daughter with her classmates. That's not my fault. It would have made more sense for my mother to stay on the bleachers when the rest of us circulated and snapped photos. Instead, she and my mom left the stadium and there was no re-admittance. We didn't compare notes beforehand, I wasn't purposely seeing that my sister was excluded from her daughter's graduation.

Afterward, my brother-in-law kept trying to get me to take the SIM card out of my camera so my sister could download my pix. Um ... no. It was 1:00 AM! My sister didn't need the photos right then and there. I said I'd download the shots and send them to my niece -- who gets photo approval. Apparently that's not convenient for my sister, who was being all pouty and passive-aggressive. Um ... I don't care.

This evening, when we were chatting, my mother told me how hard it was for my sister to print photos from the internet and would I please, please send my kid sister a CD with the pictures.

Je-sus! She can look at them all right now (my niece has downloaded them all to Facebook already). Take a chill pill. Or figure out how to print from internet. Or wait for the disc sometime this coming week.

It's not like my sister is thoughtful of my time. Ever. Nor have I ever promised to do anything like sending along a CD and not done it. And it's not like I did anything to keep my sister from photographing her daughter's graduation. I didn't even think about my sister when I was taking photos of my beloved niece on this special night with her friends. Nor, to be honest, did my niece ever say, "Have you seen my mom?"

Tengo pregunta: Por qué es mi hermana loca


  1. I understood only one word of your sentence in Spanish: loca. And I got it. hehe

    Your sister can learn a thing or twelve about personal responsibility instead of tossing it off on you. Yeesh. Good on ya for not doing it RIGHT THEN when she wanted it.

    Chill pill, indeed.

  2. I got a knot in my stomach from your sister's behavior. I tensed up. Oh, the magical relationship of sisters.

    Glad the graduation was nice for your niece. Since it's her special moment.

    Good luck with the Spanish class. Looks like you've learned a good phrase or two!


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