Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Want Wednesday

I want to be a juror on the Casey Anthony trial. OK, not really. First of all, I have read so much about this case I couldn't be objective. And secondly, I'd find someone "not guilty" before I would put them to death.

BUT this morning I heard the judge explain to the prospective jurors what would be expected of them: Total sequestration in Orlando for six to eight weeks. An individual hotel room, with all meals provided, as well as laundry service. Movies and cable (but no news) would be provided. There's no court on Saturday afternoons or Sundays, which I'm guessing could be pool time and visiting with family/friends. If it's a good hotel, there's probably a salon/spa on site. And the State of Florida will give them a check for $210/week.

If it wasn't for the icky murder aspect of this, I think it would be a sweet deal. I think at the end of 8 weeks, I'd have a fresh outlook on my own life and maybe -- because I'd be away from friends, family and other distractions -- I'd be in better shape thanks to all those hours at the hotel fitness facilities or the pool.


  1. i give that a big "oh yeah"

  2. That would be a pretty nice "vacation", but, I would expect the emotional toll during and after the trial would be too much. Although one day I do hope for an opportunity to serve on a jury, I would pray it wouldn't be for this type of case.


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