Sunday, April 03, 2011

Promote Reading, Promote Friendship

Kwizgiver turned me on to BAFAB Week, and I'm in.

BAFAB, or "Buy a Friend a Book," is celebrated the first weeks of every January, April, July, and October.

How to participate in BAFAB Week. Just get yourself to a real-life or virtual book store during Buy a Friend a Book Week and, well, buy a friend a book! But here's the fun part: you can't buy your friend a book because it's their birthday or they just graduated or got engaged or had a baby or anything else. You have to give them a book for no good reason. In fact, this present out of the blue from you should shock the pants off of whomever you decide to give it to. And it'll make them happy. And that's the point: promote reading, promote friendships. Just make sure to let them know about Buy a Friend a Book Week, so they can spread the joy in turn.

The friend I chose: Amy, my former admin, now a full-time mom in Pennsylvania. She should be getting her book this week.

I encourage you to participate because it's fun and it feels good. Click here for details.

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