Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm always accessible

I have left emails and voicemail for my oldest friend, who is suffering through a week at home with a broken elbow. She has yet to check in with me at home, or at work, or online, on my cell.

That is her right. But it makes it hard for me to keep trying.

I know she suffers with depression, which leaves her feeling overwhelmed by inertia. I know her move to California has been unexpectedly complicated and fraught with difficulty.

But she keeps complaining about how she has no support. I have been there to lend her money and listen about/make suggestions about her troubled daughter and her work situation. When she doesn't acknowledge that she's not alone, that she does have me -- and has ever since we were in grammar school -- she makes it frustrating for me to be patient.

When she insists she has "no support," doesn't "have anyone," I wonder if she doesn't mean a man.

I can't help her with that, now can I?

This is who she is and I must try to accept it and get over it. I know that. I am just cyber venting .... again.


  1. some folks just rather complain...then actually do something to improve their life style.
    gal, you are doing what you can, that is all that you can do. She has to help herself to some degree!
    Really what could a man do that you can't not do for her...duh!
    i can see your frustration.

  2. I am not as good a friend as you are. I don't know that I could keep reaching out when there's no return.

    You inspire me to be a better friend.