Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Want Wednesday

I want to overcome being ashamed by my love of bubblegum music. At, I set up my very own "Bobby Sherman" channel, which plays the most fabulous saccharine retro crap from the SherMan himself, as well as The Partridge Family and, right now, The Grass Roots. I know why they call this music "bubblegum," it's all forgettable and in no way enriches the soul, it's just an instant, short-lived frivolous high. But on some days, like this one, I really enjoy it. But I'm too self-conscious and snobby to really BLAST "Julie, Do Ya Love Me?"


  1. I'd be more embarrassed blasting Rap or Hip Hop. Or Death Metal.

  2. Blast away, baybee! I love that bubblegum stuff and often play my Partridge Family songs on my Ipod.

    No shame at all. Go for it!