Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baby, Take a Bow

Kwizgiver has declared this blog as Fabulous. Therefore it must be, because I never argue with Teacher.

So five fabulous facts about me ...

1) I have always written, and am fortunate enough to get paid for it. I won $10 when I was in third grade from the village newspaper. It was a prize for an essay I wrote nominating Mrs. Kessell as Teacher of the Year.

2) I happen to know that $10 would be worth over $70 today. That's because I discovered Tom's Inflation Calculator. It's one of the handiest links I've ever come across and am happy to share.

3) I don't get lonely, per se. I miss certain people, but I don't get bored with my own company. My shrink tells me this is unusual. I consider it a blessing.

4) My uncle, niece and I all just happen(ed) to be a little compulsive when it comes to food. Like my uncle, I eat everything on my plate one thing at a time, meaning I won't touch my fries till I'm done with my burger. Like my niece, I have to eat the broken chips or crackers first. I believe this is genetic.

5) I wear one fragrance exclusively -- until I am forced to move on to another. I wore Black Pearls until 2007, when I could no longer find it anywhere but eBay. That's when I switched to Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker, but it's been discontinued, too. Damn! When my stockpile runs out, I'll have to switch to another scent.

Now, to pass the award on to five other Fabulous Bloggers:

Book Mama, who generously shares her life and adorable towheads with us (but hasn't been posting enough lately and may need this little inspiration/bur-under-her-working-mom-saddle)

SnarkyPants, whose blog blends fangirldom with pet parenthood and "woo woo"

SilverNeurotic, because she writes from the heart and does it so well

Vivian, who inspires just by being true to herself as a friend and a Christian and a grandmother and a daughter and an artist

The Bumbles
, because Molly and Andy love movies and baseball and TV and each other

HEY, YOU FIVE! Let me know when you share your five fab facts about yourself so I can learn more about you.


  1. YEY! Thank you for the love! I will respond tonight. And I totes didn't know that about your food thing. I'm gonna be watching you eat when we finally meet up! heheh

    Love you!

  2. Your comment about food made me laugh. Although I will take bites from the variety of options on my plate, when I was growing up I couldn't stand to have any of it touching each other. Whenever my parents would explain that it shouldn't matter since "it all ends up in the same place anyway" that image was just too gross and I lost all appetite :0)

    Thanks for the honor - we'll let you know when we share!

  3. I too share the foodie thing...and being okay by myself...!!

  4. I am just like you with regards to getting lonely. I spend a lot of time alone, too. I didn't think it was unusual.

  5. I totally agree with The Teacher! You ARE fabulous. Revel in it. Congrats to you and all the wonderful blogs you mentioned. I need to revisit a few of them myself. So many blogs...so little time.

  6. Thank you for the kind words, and the award. I definitely needed to hear them tonight.

  7. Anonymous10:52 PM

    Ask and ye shall receive.


  8. Congratulations on the award! I, too, tagged the Bumbles.

    Like you, I wear one fragrance exclusively. It's a Bath & Body Works classic called "Rice Flower and Shea." They only sell it once a year, at clearance time, so I stock up. God help me when they discontinue it!

  9. I'm the same about not getting lonely. Tell your shrink that the beauty of the internet is how all these unlonely people find each other and declare their lack of loneliness!


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