Sunday, September 26, 2010

Movie Monday -- Heists and Capers

Share your favorite heist & caper movies that create criminal characters we end up rooting for, linking back here at The Bumbles.

I could have named this post, "Hello, Gorgeous," because these movies stars are exceptiona
l looking men. They each have a compelling screen presence, sure, but they're also very handsome. Maybe that's what makes bad boys "characters we end up rooting for."

Bonnie and Clyde. They were young … in love … and they killed people. Both very violent and very moving, it's one of the most influential American films ever made.

11. A confection. The opposite of Bonnie & Clyde, really. There is nothing remotely plausible about this movie, but when a film begins with Clooney in a tux, you know it's going to have an exceptionally high charm quotient.

The Sting. Henry Gondorf and Johnny Hooker, aka Newman and Redford, the two coolest men who have ever li
ved, pulling off one of the most complicated heists ever filmed.

Catch Me If You Can. Leonardo DiCaprio is aw-shucks terrific as a kid with a heart of gold and a penchant for larceny.


  1. Nothing in common up there. I don't have any movies in common with The Bumbles also. I did forgot to include Catch Me If You Can though.

    My Monday Movie Meme.

  2. Ahh, Catch Me If You Can is a great movie and choice pick! :)

  3. Bonnie & Clyde and Catch Me If You Can are two great movies I forgot about! The Sting made my list, too, it's a classic and wonderful movie - who can say not to Newman & Redford in the same movie?!

    Ocean's Eleven I could watch again & again - actually I have! lol Such a great movie!

    Wonderful List!
    ~ Amy


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