Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Queen's Meme

If you could say just one thing to the so-and-sos of the world and in your life what would you say? Don't think about it too much. Just write the first thing that pops in to your head. It doesn't have to be just one word.

If I could say just one thing to ...

1. Mel Gibson. You're just pathetic.

2. Lindsay Lohan It's not everyone else, it's you.

3. Chelsea Clinton

4. The Pope A child cannot seduce an adult.

5. BP Oil Company Do you know what you have done? Do you get it?

6. My ex I really did love you, you know.

7. My IPOD
or computer I'm lost without you!

8. My favorite or least favorite teacher I remember what you taught me (for good or ill)

9. My family I miss Grandpa

10. My blog (What? You don't talk to your blog?) Um ... I feel kinda funny talking to you ... but my Queen says I got to ...

The Queen may be on vacation but she'll be checking in! So save yourself from the dungeon and play along by clicking here.


  1. Kudos on ur answers...the first two and the pope are spot on...

  2. Haha, that seems like fun.

  3. Hmmmm You are as generous with your ex as I was with mine. Unfortunately I was wife number 1 and it took him to wife number 4 to figure out how to be a husband.

  4. I'd say about the same thing in every case. Brava!

  5. Good thing to say to the Pope. Wish I'd thought of it.