Saturday, May 01, 2010


Support hose. They suck. They are hot and all around icky. I must wear them for a full fucking week, all the way until next Saturday morning, in order to prevent clotting after my first vein treatment.

The procedure itself was fine. The doctor was very nice, he and his tech were very chatty and kept things light. And he's a Cub fan! As near as I can tell (I'm still bandaged), I had injections in about 20 sites on both legs. There's no pain, just a little itchiness -- and that could be from the antiseptic and gauze and tape as much as the shots.

But these fucking hose. They cannot come off until my shower tomorrow morning, and then they're supposed to go right back on. AAARGH!

And I've got to call the doctor's office tomorrow and leave word that I those were my shorts on the examining room floor. I left them there after wrestling with the support hose and then my blue jeans. Sometimes I'm such a ditz.

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  1. Support hose. Oh, how I hear ya. I'm supposed to wear them but I don't. But I should. But I don't.

    I hope the results are great!