Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Observations from the road

Since I just read an article on Sir Paul's message to the American Idol contestants, let me paraphrase the way I have always heard him open his shows -- "Hello, Blogosphere!"

I am in the Business Center at the Williamsburg Lodge. Having a wonderful time and don't wish to leave tomorrow. I really haven't given myself enough time. I thought cutting my days in half -- spa treatments in the AM, sight-seeing in the PM -- made sense, but that's only because I hadn't counted on how many sights there are to see, or how unaccustomed I am to energy-sapping 90 degree heat. If I can come back next year, I will add at least another half day for wandering about so I can enjoy both the historical experience and the spa zen buzz.

Had a lovely woman as my seatmate on the first leg of my journey (ORD to Atlanta). She was going to Augusta for the golf tournament -- her first solo vacation in 12 years. Her companion has Alzheimer's and, as she found out over a disasterous trip last Christmas, can no longer travel well. A formerly dynamic CEO, he is fading quickly and requires more and more care, and she realizes that as his primary caregiver she needs to be stronger than ever. That's why she's going to the Master's this year as planned; she believes a little time away from him will make her much stronger for all the time she has ahead with him.

Listening to her was balm for my heart, for she had many insights and much wisdom about the situation we find ourselves in with my uncle. I am terrified to fly, but having her in the seat next to me was a blessing in more ways than one.

Must go. Have to get ready for my pampering!


  1. Gal, great to hear you are having a good time...and good to hear you had a good flight...have fun!!

  2. Have a safe trip home!

  3. And you still think things happen by chance?? LOL I'm glad you had a nice seatmate who helped ease your mind even a little bit.

    Uh, btw, 90 degree temps are NOT the norm this time of year. I had to sleep with the AC on last night it was so hot in my room.

    Sorry I missed hooking up with you this go-round but we shall make plans for a rendezvous soon!

  4. Mmmmmmm... pampering. Historic stuff.

    Must get myself there sometime.

    Can't wait to hear more of your adventures.