Monday, April 19, 2010

Getting the ball rolling

It feels like I have been talking about having this done forever (really, check out #4). And this afternoon I took the first solid step to having my spider veins treated. This photo isn't of the inside of my right knee, but it could be. I have patches of veins like this on both legs.

The doctor I have settled on specializes in this and will use a combination of injections and laser. It should take three hours -- spread out over three treatments and (I think) six months. I got a good feeling from him in that he was interested in answering my questions and managing my expectations. (Let's face it, haven't we all experienced doctors who were anxious to get us out of their offices?) It's expensive, but, like getting my teeth fixed in the best way possible cosmetically, this is a good investment in me. It will not only help me feel better about my creaky old self, it will help me remain marketable. After all, I'm a 50-something veteran in a young person's industry. It's simply sensible to try to maintain my youthful appearance.

Today was the consultation. My first treatment is on Saturday, May 1. Not that this should matter, but the doctor has the softest fingertips. Wouldn't it be great if, instead of being even remotely painful, these treatments felt like little massages?


  1. Think massage massage massage.....

  2. Good for you for getting this done! I always find the first step the most difficult. Here's to it not being toooooooooooo painful or uncomfortable. And it's great that the doctor has comforting hands. Like Mimi said "massage, massage, massage..."