Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: You're My Best Friend

1. Outside of your romantic life, do you currently have a best friend? Yes. He's the one I refer to often on this blog as, creatively enough, "my best friend." He likes all those intense, geeky aspects of my personality that make everyone else cringe. He's having his own issues these days. This song could be him ... and now he's in his mid-4os.

2. Regarding your future, what is the best thing you could hope for? To remain healthy enough to be independent until my last day. My grandma died at 88, in her own home and in her own bed, after dozing off with a library book (Louis L'Amour) open on her chest and her glasses on her nose. I'd like that to be my future. (Though I'd prefer a mystery to a western.)

3. Have you ever helped out a friend with basic needs, like rent or food? If yes. what did you do? I discovered my friend Kathy was so broke that she took a second job delivering pizzas at night, which I didn't think was safe. So I gave her $500 to tide her over. Of course, Kathy being Kathy, she took an extra shift behind the wheel to pay me back faster!

4. If they re-instituted the draft (for both genders and you were of age) would you go, or would find some way out of it? I'd like to think I'd go because I truly admire soldiers, cops and firefighters. I don't know that I would, though.

5. Tell us one thing you wish you hadn't let yourself do. One thing? ONE THING? God, it seems like there's one thing every day! Like yesterday, I let myself skip my workout and I wish I hadn't.

6. Tell us about the last time you bragged. When I told my mom how I spoke my mind at work on Thursday. I was quite proud of myself.

7. What area are you wisest in? Other people's lives. I'm a savant, able to solve everyone's problems but my own.

8. Tell us about something that happened that at the time made you "full of yourself." There are times when I'm presenting to the client, I can feel they're with me. And I think to myself, "Gawd, Gal, you ARE good at this!"

9. Has there ever been a time that you wanted to try something in the bedroom, but were afraid to ask? Yes.


  1. That is SO COOL.. to dedicate a song to your best friend. My grandma died that way too, what a wonderful way to live and die.

    Happy Saturday!
    Have a truly blessed weekend!

    Mine is here

  2. That is the way to go if you're gonna have to go.

    Have a great Saturday!

  3. I loved your grandmother's story. And I LMAO at "Though I'd prefer a mystery to a western." You're too funny...

  4. Love that you're a savant at other people's problems. :-)

    I'd prefer a mystery, too.

  5. It's ok to skip one workout. I skipped mine Friday too. Just too tired and it was too cold outside for my walk. So we're even.