Friday, March 05, 2010

Oh, but I feel virtuous!

Last night I had dinner with my friend Kathleen. I wasn't especially hungry, so instead of going for a burger I ordered an apple/pear/walnut salad. Since I didn't have a "taste" for anything, I didn't miss anything, either. Of course, that could be because I celebrated my maturity in ordering the salad as entree by having a martini with dinner and a few scoops of chocolate sorbet for dessert. Still the calorie and fat count was lower than if I'd devoured one of their 1/2 lb. burgers.

Kathleen looks great and is so into her job. I'm very proud of her. I just sent a check to the American Cancer Society on her daughter's behalf -- the freshman is running in the ACS Relay for Life and asked me to sponsor her. I mentioned it to Kathleen and commented that both of her kids are great but she shrugged off her part in it, saying that, "my kids are great because they are great kids." Somehow I don't think it's been as easy as she portrays it to bring two people along the road to adulthood so successfully.

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