Wednesday, March 03, 2010

It's a girly season

OK, it's official: I am now into American Idol. And unlike recent seasons, where the end turned out to be a duel between male contestants, I predict this year it will come down to two of the girls. Here are my early favorites:

• Young Katie, who sang "Put Your Records On"

• Lilly Scott, "A Change Is Gonna Come," my favorite the second week in a row

• Paige Miles, "Walk Away"

• Siobhan Magnus, "Think"

1 comment:

  1. Conventional wisdom has it down to Lily and Crystal. I only saw the last 40 mins of the show but I thought Sioban did a great job! She's just so freakily cute! :)

    Producers have already alluded to it being a chick this year to balance out the past few years with all male winners. I think the boys get the tweens going and makes for a fun rivalry but perhaps the chicks can do that this year. We'll see. I'm in a AI pool and sucked hard last week. Hoping to do better this week.