Tuesday, February 02, 2010

They're $18 a box!

One of my coworkers is cleaning out his office. ("I'd say that he has spring fever, but I know it isn't spring ...") As I walked by I spied tons of green, letter-sized hanging files in the dumpster! Those babies are 72¢/each.

Not only are his spendthrift ways bad for this agency's bottom line (and my prospects of a raise), it's bad for the environment.

I hope I can get over there in time and rescue those little green beauties.


  1. "Bob, if you're going to ditch these, I can use them." Scoop and go.

    I hope you were able to rescue them!

  2. They aren't very sturdy though, which may be why he's getting rid of them.

  3. The hospital now has a office day where they collect stuff like that and have it all laid out in a conference room for the taking. There used to be a donation depot for places to bring stuff where I used go when I was a teacher. Reading this post just makes me grit my teeth, did you get them?