Monday, February 15, 2010

No Joke

Thank you, Jon Stewart. For tonight, on The Daily Show, you played a clip of President Obama at a townhall meeting in New Hampshire, fielding a question from a man who proudly proclaimed himself to be, "Dick Swett."

This was legit. This was for real. Richard "Dick" Swett really is a former Congressman from New Hampshire. AND he was once our Ambassador to Denmark! I just love the imagining his formal presentation to the monarchy:

"Your Highness, I give you Dick Swett."

I realize tonight's Daily Show was a rerun. I'm glad I didn't see it during the original airing last week. This old heart of mine couldn't take it twice.

Dick Swett. Tee hee.


  1. It gets even better, our son used to joke, if your name is Dick Swett, why would you live on on Risingwood drive. Seriously, that was his previous address. We loved the Jon Stewart commentary on his name, especially since we know them.
    However, it makes me sad that the NH democratic party is just as bad as the repubs in "stacking the deck" at presidential visits. Really, there was no Joe plumber who could ask a question? But you had a former congressman whose wife is the daughter of a former congressman? The same wife who thinks she can run for NH senate, without ever holding an office...I could go on for a while about the Swetts. I so enjoyed Jon Stewart's reaction to the name and guess with the internet, should leave it at that.

  2. This is why parents really need to think before naming their kids.


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