Tuesday, February 16, 2010

And then there were three fewer

Remember that old Agatha Christie classic, And Then There Were None? Here at work, we seem to be re-enacting it. Every time we meet in a certain conference room, there are fewer of us. Except instead of a murderer knocking off us "little Indians," it's layoffs.

I'm trying not to freak out, because what would be the point? The problems seem more tied to agency infrastructure than to any particular campaign. I can't fix this. I can help minimize the problem, but I can't fix it.

My mortgage is paid 6 months in advance. I have 7 months' expenses socked away (I wish it were 8, but somehow I just can't get to and stay at that threshold). Until the economy turns around a bit and jobs are more plentiful, I think I've done what I can.

Now I just have to trust in my preparation, trust in my ability to do well while I'm here, trust in God and fate, and try not to make myself crazy.


  1. Wow, that's a lot of stress in over a year. What else can I say, but hang in there. We have to hope that things will turn and become better.

    You have the best pictures on your post, where do you get them without worrying about copyright?

  2. Work stress, work worry--bah! Here's to things working out well.

  3. You haven't been laid off, right? This is just a "freak out" post, isn't it? Fingers crossed that you will be fine regardless of what happens.


  4. Scary, but you're in an excellent position to weather any storm. You're good at what you do, and your agency likely recognizes that. Whatever happens, you're going to be okay.

  5. Snowbird11:43 AM

    Snowbird here....
    Speaking of books....and I know you aren't adding more to your TBR list, BUT!, if you haven't already read it, you must BUY, BORROW, BEG, and/or STEAL Mitch Albom's newest book HAVE A LITTLE FAITH. I laughed and I cried - it's wonderful!

  6. That would freak me out too. It's great that you've been planning for the worst case scenario though-I don't think too many people are doing that even knowing how bad things are.