Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Merry Christmas Meme

Naturally I stole this from Kwiz.

Name 5 Favorite Christmas Songs

* James Taylor, "River"
* Barbra Streisand, "White Christmas"
* The King will have a "Blue Christmas"
* Frank Sinatra, "The First Noel"
* Andy Williams, "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year"

Name 4 Gifts You Plan To Buy For Others.
All my gifts are purchased, but I'll list the ones I can see from here
* Old Navy pink coat for Zoe, one of the children in need whose ornament/wish lists are on the Whole Foods Christmas Tree
* Old Navy Flirt jeans for my niece (a girl who knows exactly what she wants)
* A plush rat named Scabbers for my nephew
* That Girl! The Final Season DVD (OOPS! I bought that for me, but it's the fourth gift I can see from here)

Name 3 Things On Your Christmas Wish List.
* Pedicure stuff, esp. foot scrub
* Adam Lambert's CD
* Facial scrubs and masks

What 2 Places Do You Plan To Be On Christmas?
* Mom's
* Church

What Is 1 Important Person, Place or Thing You Love About Christmas?
* Singing "Silent Night" at the close of the candlelight service. It reminds me of the meaning of Christmas.


  1. Wasn't it tough to pick the five songs?

  2. I really will have to listen to something by Adam Lambert. I've heard so much about him.