Saturday, December 19, 2009

The first snow fall

Let's see now ... what did I do with this Saturday?

I got up early this morning and filled another bag for Goodwill. That's three donations this month. This morning's included 4 pair of slacks that I decided I wouldn't wear even if I lost the dress size required to fit into them. Honestly, it was as though Clinton and Stacy were in the room with me!

Then I went to Petco and bought my last sack of kibble for the year ... for the decade! Got my final haircut for the year (for the decade) and collapsed onto the sofa. This evening I watched a little Wizard of Oz -- always good for the soul -- and finally finished the Lisa Scottoline novel I've been working on for weeks and weeks.

It was all made prettier by the first snowfall. I don't think it stuck, but it was fun to be out in it. So much gentler and quieter than rain.


  1. You're lucky the snow didn't stick. I'm staring at two feet of snow right now.

  2. Sometimes a gentle snow fall does make everything just that much nicer. Sounds like quite a lovely day.