Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy birthday to me (part 6)

Is ABC airing this for me? I think so.

I'm watching Good Evening New York City as I post this. I still love him so.

In addition to the laundry (see post below), I scrubbed the litter boxes clean. (There is a domestic chore I hate more than laundry, and that's it.) Then I went over to my sister's for Thanksgiving. It was very nice. The food was good, and we celebrated my birthday as a family. My nephew and I went WII bowling in the family room, my brother-in-law and I talked grout, I introduced my nephew to Kittenwar! And I got gifts. Yea!

It was a good day, and I'm thankful for that. I'm glad my sister and I managed to behave. It means so much to my mom.

It's been a nice holiday, but I'm going to sleep well tonight.


  1. aww, how great taht your holiday was great!! It makes me happy when others are having good days!! And you got your chores done! yay!!

  2. Happy happy birthday to you!

  3. Holy moly--another happy birthday celebration!!! What fun. :-) The Kitten War site is adorable.

  4. I saw that was on TV and thought of you, girly. Glad you enjoyed your own version of my Cookie. :)


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