Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Stealing

Sunday Stealing: One Long Meme (Part One)

1. The phone rings. Who will it to be? Number Blocked. They call me all the time but I don't know what they want because I don't pick up.

2. When shopping at the grocery store, do you return your cart? Yes. Always.

3. In a social setting, are you more of a talker or a listener? Blab, blab, blab. A Talker.

4. Do you take compliments well? Depends. If it's professional, yes. If it's personal, well, aw, shucks, not really.

5. Do you play Sudoku? No.

6. If abandoned alone in the wilderness, would you survive? Not happily!

7. Did you ever go to camp as a kid? I was at Girl Scout camp all the time -- day camp every summer and overnight camp several times a year.

8. What was your favorite game as a kid? Clue.

9. If a sexy person was pursuing you, but you knew she was married, would you? No. I'm simply not into women.

10. Could you date someone with different religious beliefs than you? Yes. While my faith is important to me, I don't really much care what anyone else believes.

11. Do you like to pursue or be pursued? Pursue. Being pursued makes me a little uncomfortable. My therapist would tell you I have control issues. But it's Sunday, so let's not bother her today.

12. Use three words to describe yourself? American, Cub fan, Beatlemaniac.

13. Do any songs make you cry? "Save the Best for Last." It so perfectly captured our relationship at the beginning. Unfortunately it ended badly, so that song tugs at my most sensitive heartstrings.

14. Are you continuing your education? No.

15. Do you know how to shoot a gun? No.

16. Have you ever taken pictures in a photo booth? Yes.

17. How often do you read books? Right now, only once. My TRB pile is so deep I don't have time for rereading. Though there are some books I have read more than once (Gone with the Wind, The Princess Bride, The Lord of the Flies, In Cold Blood).

18. Do you think more about the past, present or future? Past and future. I have a hard time staying in the present.

19. What is your favorite children’s book? Sheila Rae the Brave. I so enjoyed my niece snuggling up beside me and laughing as we read this together.

20.What color are your eyes? Green

21. How tall are you? 5'2.

22. Where is your dream house located? It's a highrise in the Loop.

23. If your house was on fire, what would be the first thing you grabbed? My cat Charlotte. My boys cats would get themselves out the door in the even of fire, but she would hide.
24. When was the last time you were at Olive Garden? Last November, for my niece's birthday.

25. Where was the furthest place you traveled today? About 15 miles to my dentist.

26. Do you like mustard? I don't hate it.


  1. LOVE! your answer to the survival in the wilderness!

    My Stealing is posted...I hope you can find time to stop by for a visit.

    Happy day.

  2. I remember Clue. They made a movie about it.
    Have a great Sunday.

  3. I love your answer to your dream home. You truly are a city girl! Have a great sunday :)

  4. Great answers!

    My answers are posted.

    Happy SS.

  5. Did scout camp prepare you to survive in the wilderness?

  6. I loved CLUE as well. Colonel Mustard in the library with Miss Scarlett was so mysterious. I always wanted them to be romantically involved instead of murder suspects.
    There should have been a movie of sorts!


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