Friday, September 11, 2009

September Fitness Challenge

Day 11. 100 lbs.! I worked out for a good, challenging 40+ minutes today -- 32 devoted to cardio. Then I moved on to do 12 reps each on a trio of machines. Being 5'2, I spend a lot of time adjusting and readjusting the seats. When I got to the leg press, I was so focused on getting the seat right that I didn't even check on the weight, I just started moving my legs. It was hard, to be sure, but it felt good, too. I looked at the weights and saw it was set at 100 lbs.! I didn't realize I had become that much stronger (if not slimmer) since I've been taking all this more seriously. I'm really very proud of myself.


  1. I'm really proud of you too. And I know it is a pain to have to readjust the settings on the machines all the time. But what I hate the most is when the muscle guy leaves his uber heavy weights on the bars and I have to throw my back out trying to remove them - by the time I'm done I figure I've satisfied enough reps just doing that.

  2. And I apologize for the fact that my comments are generally longer than your actual posts!



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