Monday, September 14, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I'm almost done putting together a pair of Christmas packages for a pair of soldiers. I'm doing this on behalf of my uncle, a Viet Nam vet. Since he knows firsthand how lonely Christmas in the jungle can be, I thought he'd appreciate making two troops' lives a little better as they celebrate Christmas away from home and in the desert.

From I just ordered:

Zinc oxide cream (SPF 45)
Toenail clippers
Hand sanitizer
Shave cream

I'm combining that with what I've already purchased:

Powdered drink mixes (lemonade and sweet tea)
Granola bars
Individual serving breakfast cereals (Sugar Pops and Apple Jacks -- how can they not brighten your day?)
Comfort Twin razors
Q tips
Body wash
Baby wipes
Playing cards
Mystery novels (someone gets Janet Evanovich, somebody else gets Agatha Christie)

When you think of it, this really isn't very much to give someone who volunteered to take a bullet for you, is it? Judging by this photo of WWII soldiers sharing similar gifts from home, I guess it's always been this way.

I hope to have this whole project done and in the mail by mid October. Operation Shoebox needs donations by early November so they can put together the gift shoeboxes and get them to the soldiers in time for the holidays. I am putting the organization's "thank you" note into my uncle's Christmas card.

If you would like to spend these last sunny days of autumn getting a headstart on Christmas, click here to found out what Operation Shoebox needs to go into their holiday packages for the troops.


  1. What a great idea.

  2. You are such a sweetie with a HUGE heart. I'm glad to call you my friend. And thank you for the suggestion - I think I will join you in sending some stuff.


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