Thursday, June 25, 2009

New meme! Freshly stolen!

Naturally it was stolen from Kwizgiver.

I can't...

*get to work on time in the morning
*do multiplication tables in my head
*always keep things in perspective

but I can...
*make friends with almost any dog or cat on the plaet
*usually win at Scrabble
*wiggle my right ear
*recite dialog from The Way We Were from memory
*give good gift

I won't...
*eat tomatoes
*let Mean Mr. Garafalo from downstairs steal my newspaper any more!
*give up on the Cubs
*give in to temptation and get a free beer from the office beer cart
*laugh at ethnic jokes because they hurt people

but I will...
*drink more water
*work harder to say within my 1890 cal/day limit
*take the stairs more often
*answer my Cousin Rose's letters more promptly
*finish the tooth whitening regimen, instead of getting bored and giving up halfway through

I shouldn't...
* be so hard on myself
* obsess
* be so lazy
* procrastinate
* worry about things that are not in my control

and I should...
* cherish those I love
* unclutter more often
* save more money
* exercise
* stay present in the moment
(These are almost exactly the same as Kwizgiver's)

What about you?
If you play along, let me know so I can compare our answers.


  1. I loved that meme.

  2. What? That guy's still stealing your paper? Didn't you post about that a while ago? Rap his knuckles with it the next time.

    I can't add in my head - so multiplication tables are a foreign concept. And yes - I work in finance. Good thing we don't have a free beer cart - I'd lose the ability to work the calculator.

  3. I did it! That was a good one, too.

    hahah The Bumbles: I can't do any math beyond the basics and I work in a financial field too.

  4. If you're staying with the Cubs you gotta have faith. Go Cubbies!re


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