Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Mel Gibson Conundrum

Mel Gibson is a anti-Semite who suffers from false piety and serious impulse control issues.

Mel Gibson is also a talented actor who has a gift for being a credible, likable Everyman, despite his really rather terrific looks. (Thank goodness they have dissipated with time.)

He's an asshole -- far more so than Tom Cruise -- yet I enjoy his movies. So by seeing them and renting them, am I supporting a jerk? Or am I simply separating the actor from the man?

Roman Polanski and Woody Allen present similar dilemmas. What to do? It leaves me tired.


  1. Interesting thought. I love love love his films. Was he always wacko and hid it well or did this emerge on it's own? I would be more angry about it if he had been hiding all his crazy beliefs to make money off of us. I also don't think hanging around Britney Spears is a good sign.

  2. Blogger just ate my comment again. I so hate that!

    I SAAAiiddd....oh heck, I forgot what I said.

    He's hanging around Britney Spears? Maybe he's finally lost it.