Monday, February 16, 2009

Sorry, but I can't watch it

I had a plan for this President's Day morning -- settle in on the sofa with my laptop and get a headstart on a project for work tomorrow while watching the NCIS marathon on USA. This plan made me happy. For even though my oldest friend once told me she uses work like mine "to light the grill," I still find it satisfying. 95% of my audience treats advertising the way she does. But trying to figure out what will grab that 5% and get them to buy -- even after all these years, I still get off on it. And, even after all these years, I still get off on Mark Harmon. So, as I say, I had a happy plan.

But then USA had to run the NCIS episode featuring Abigail Breslin -- the Oscar-nominated child actress of Little Miss Sunshine and Kit fame -- as a blind girl who is kidnapped and terrorized. There's something about this kid that touches me deeply and it upsets me to see her in peril, even though I know Harmon/Gibbs will save the day. So there goes my plan! I have defected to the Biography channel and their President's Day special on JFK.

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  1. Anonymous7:00 PM

    I don't think I could watch that episode either.


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