Wednesday, March 19, 2008

He persuaded me!

As we observe the 5th anniversary of the war, I'm going to quote the paper my nephew wrote in his second grade writing class. His assignment was to "use my words to persuade someone to do something." He chose to persuade "President George Bush to end the war."

"You should end the war because it kills people.
War hurts people too.

It uses money you could use to give babies free shots.
War sets a bad example for children."

He was frustrated that he had to say "free shots" when he wanted to say "free vaccinations." But he thought it was spelled v-a-x, and couldn't find it in the dictionary.

Still, he got an A. I am proud of his vocabulary, his printing (which he struggles with), and his heart.

I asked what his classmates wrote about. There were kids who wanted to persuade their parents to get them Wiis, or pets. But, he said, there were lots of papers about recycling and global warming. He was very impressed by his best friend Brandon's paper to persuade Bush to end global warming because "what would the world be like without polar bears?"


  1. Anonymous7:34 AM

    And how old is this kid? I'm impressed. I'm trying to convince my 17 year old sister to use the world for an essay on something controversial.

  2. Good for him! He sounds kind of like BB only a teeny bit older.