Friday, January 25, 2019

I've missed her!

My oldest friend and I had a long phone conversation last night. Early this morning, actually. I happened to be up -- believe it or not, the dry skin on my back was so itchy it actually awakened me! -- when she sent a text about her computer being down.

Just the text meant a lot to me. When she goes to her dark place, she's completely incommunicado. I try to respect her need for space, but it worries me when she withdraws.

But the call! Bliss! I brought her up to date on my both my glamorous chiropractor and possible 2019 move. She told me about her extensive dental work -- root canal, two extractions and a partial plate -- all paid for by MediCal. I am so happy to hear about this. I've been worried about her teeth for over a year now. With her money woes and more pressing health problems, she just hasn't had the resources to attend to them, till now.

Then we talked about Tom Selleck. Yeah, it seems like a non sequitur. But the original Magnum as always been one of the loves of her life.

We laughed. It made me so happy. I told her the truth, which is that I think of her easily a dozen times a day. "You, too, dear," she said. Then we each said, "I love you," and I went to sleep.

Color me happy.

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  1. Tom Selleck--I know several women who are enchanted by him.

    So glad your friend got some dental help she's needed.