Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The soundtrack of my life

Stolen from Kwizgiver.

What if your life was a movie? What music would accompany the action?

Opening Credits: A Hard Day's Night -- The Beatles
Average Day:  Just Another Day -- Paul McCartney
School Experience: At 17 -- Janis Ian
First Crush: Opus 17 -- The Four Seasons
Falling in Love: Can't Help Falling in Love -- Elvis Presley
Secret Crush: If Only You Knew -- Patti LaBelle
Life's OK: Dancing in the Dark -- Bruce Springsteen
Feeling Proud: Man! I Feel Like a Woman -- Shania Twain
Family Relationships: Pachabel's Canon D

Fight or Flight: Don't Rain on My Parade -- Barbra Streisand
Learning a Lesson: Friends in Low Places -- Garth Brooks
Friends: Part of Me, Part of You -- Glenn Frey
Deep Thought: That's Life -- Frank Sinatra
Flashback: Moonlighting -- Al Jarreau
When I Was Young: Come on Down to My Boat Baby -- Every Mother's Son
When I Get Older: When I'm 64 -- The Beatles Can't find a good version on YouTube
Happy Dance:  September -- Earth Wind and Fire
When I'm Feeling Down: Stoney End -- Barbra Streisand
On Top of the World: Brand New Me -- Dusty Springfield
Closing Scene:  Tears Dry on Their Own -- Amy Winehouse

I realize this list reflects my advanced years. But I enjoyed this exercise enormously. Thanks for sharing it, Kwizgiver!

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  1. Amazing list!

    Wasn't this a fun exercise? I'm interested to see what my students do with this.


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