Thursday, September 03, 2015

September Challenge -- Day 2

What are you questioning? The care my oldest friend is receiving, 2000 miles away in Los Angeles. Her shrink has diagnosed her as bipolar and resistant to medication. An MD with a prescription pad, this doctor has her on a cocktail of at least three medications. This is in addition to the pills she takes for her heart and the antibiotics she takes for the tenacious infection she contracted when hospitalized a few years back.

Here's the thing: she's not doing any better. In fact, she's worse. With all those drugs coursing through her veins, she's no better.

I've told her I think she needs a new team. She needs a GP with balls, who can oversee her treatment in its entirety. She needs a second opinion on the bipolar diagnosis. She needs hope. She needs to know every morning when she wakes up depressed that this isn't the way the rest of her life will be.

I know this may sound presumptuous from someone who has no letters after her name, but I have known her since we were in Kindergarten and I REFUSE to let her go under. My instinct is powerful, and it's telling me she needs more and better than she's getting. I'm going to keep questioning and keep challenging until I see improvement.

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  1. She's lucky to have a friend so firmly in her corner.

  2. I'm sending some loving thoughts to her. I think you're right, she needs a revised team.

  3. Being bipolar and having been in a situation similar to your friend, I truly hope she finds a provider that can help her. I've been told I was "drug resistant", I've been on crazy high doses of meds, I've been on every med there is (it seems like). I finally found a provider who's invested in not only my mental health, but how my medications impact my physical health.... I'll say a little prayer for your friend .... she's very lucky to have your support.