Saturday, April 05, 2014

Saturday 9

50 years ago this week, The Beatles made history with this song (hear it here). They became the first and only act in history to hold all 5 of the top slots in the Billboard Hot 100.

1) In this song, Beatle Paul offers to buy his girl a diamond ring. Do you wear rings? I have to, because the ring helps me tell my left from my right. (Yes, I am that pathetic. You never want me as your navigator.) My current favorite is lotus blossoms etched on a silver band.

2) This song was written by boyhood friends John Lennon and Paul McCartney, who went on to become the most successful songwriters of the 20th century. Tell us about  your best friend from "the old neighborhood." Do you know where he or she is today? Yes. The woman I imaginatively refer to on this blog as "my oldest friend" has been in my life since Kindergarten. We communicate (email/phone) several times a week and are spending my birthday together in Vegas this November. I have lots of decades-long friendships. They come easily to me. I'm lucky that way.

3) The Ed Sullivan Theater, where the Beatles first performed to a mass American audience, is now the home of The Late Show with David Letterman. Do you have a favorite late night talk show? I love those Comedy Central boys. 

4) In 1964, when this song became #1, one of top TV shows was My Favorite Martian. Do you believe in life on other planets? Intellectually, yes. It just makes sense. But I don't spend much time thinking about it or imagining what they might look like.

5) In those days, homes had rotary dial phones, often affixed to the wall, with the receiver always tethered by a curly cord. Does your home still have a landline phone? Yes.

6) 1964 was the year GI Joe first appeared on toy shelves. Tell us about one of your favorite childhood toys. My Lassie dog, who looked much like this before I lavished her with so much attention and affection. She's up in my closet somewhere. I can't part with her.

7) Ringo was the first Beatle to become a grandfather. His granddaughter, Tatia, is now a rock musician. If you were to follow your grandfather into his chosen profession, what would you be doing now? I don't know what his job title was, but my grandpa worked at ElectroMotive Diesel for decades. He serviced engine parts, and was very proud of his prowess. When he finally retired, he spent hours on end at his tool bench or repairing things at his house and at ours. He loved to tinker!

8) Paul McCartney admits he enjoys watching MasterChef. What show do you go out of your way to catch? Thinking of talkshow hosts, I really enjoy seeing the old master again on Carson on TCM, hosted by Conan O'Brien. The current run ended on March 31, but I suspect TCM will show more again this summer.

9) The paparazzi has often caught Paul pedaling a bike around Martha's Vineyard. What's your favorite form of exercise? I enjoy pedaling my little heart out on the stationery bike. My ankle has been giving me trouble lately -- I think perhaps the boots I wore way, way too often this snowy winter didn't provide the right support -- so I've been shying away from the treadmill.


  1. I didn't know about Carson's run on TMC. I'll set TIVO for it. My dad's in a beautiful assisted living place. Thanks for all your support. It has a pub (real bartenders 2X a week otherwise BYOB)He doesn't realize it's permanent. I think buy the time he does he will like it so much it won't matter. But yesterday he asked where his car was. That my bro's job. But he's flying in so we can take dad out to watch UConn in the final 4. My brother couldn't be here yesterday cuz he was at Wrigley...

  2. I am envious that you have made and kept friends so easily. It's a hard task for me, in part because of the rural area, but also because I'm such an introvert.

  3. I didn't know about the TMC show either, love the thought of seeing those again! I still have a lot of friends from my childhood, I love that we keep in touch.

  4. Anonymous2:31 PM

    that's nice that you have lots of decades-long friendships! my shyness gets in the way of forming those, so you are indeed lucky!

  5. It's sweet that your friendship has lasted that long. I'd love to see how my old friend is these days. I've tried so often to hunt her down but to no avail, although I did hear she was married with loads of kids!

    ps....I couldn't be trusted with directions,!

  6. It's sick. It's like we watch the same stuff..... :)

  7. I start saying the Pledge of Allegiance silently in my head to tell my left from my right. Try it. You'll instantly go to put your right hand to your heart.

  8. I'm the same way with directions, I always say go the way I point not what I say.

    One Time I gave some one directions and they ended up in the north end of Hartford, someplace you do not want to be at night.


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