Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"What the ef was that?"

That's Jon Stewart on the President's address from the Oval Office about the spill. The Daily Show is funnier than ever these days. For those who suspected that Stewart and Colbert would be handcuffed by a Democratic President, unable to find topics to mine for humor, they need not have worried.

After riffing on Obama's lackluster speech, Stewart took off after the Fox commentators who called the President "disingenuous" for invoking religion at the end of his address. How, he asked, would they have responded if he'd attended church to pray for divine intervention about the Gulf?

"Cannibal Obama feasts on Christ's blood."

Don't get me wrong -- there isn't an aspect of this that doesn't break my heart. I hate what's happening to, and will continue to devastate, our neighbors on the Gulf Coast. I hate the partisanship when we should be pulling together. I hate the apathy, the way some citizen's eyes glaze over the topic of the spill comes up. I hate that last night I got Jimmy Carter when I longed for JFK.

But I've got Jon and Stephen. Reminds me of those long ago days of Watergate, when the first 10 minutes of Johnny Carson's Tonight Show took away some of the sting with laughter.


  1. I'm glad to see Jon not giving a pass to the current administration because doing so would totally ruin any cred he built up over the Bush years. And he's right to point those things out. (I hate watching it because I know it's true and that makes me sad.)

    Jon's a national treasure. (So are his writers. We need them to keep our eyes open and clear.)

  2. I like how Jon and Stephen make me think. To agree, disagree or laugh.

  3. It's all disconcerting and sad.
    Ditto Kwiz.

  4. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Jon is on a high right now. I'm glad to see that he's not giving Obama a pass. My favorite lately has been his mocking of the Fox morning show.


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