Wednesday, December 23, 2009


After a little over 5 hours, I am down to four gifts left to wrap. But I just can't go on. I still have to go to work tomorrow. (OOPS! Make that today!)

I've got bags and bags and bags littering my livingroom. Old Navy, Borders, FYE, Kohl's ... If it wasn't for my love of the planet, and my fear of Al Gore, I would just toss them. But no, I will shmush all the littler ones inside a big one and hopefully find a place to recycle them.


  1. You're almost at the finish line! Hang in there! :-)

  2. i admire you...i am just to lazy to wrap gifts...of course i am too lazy to shop for gifts...
    i put cash in a handmade gift card...let them recycle ha ha!!
    Merry Christmas Gal!!!

  3. I just love wrapping but I don't have anywhere even remotely good to do it at my house - I end up doing it on my bed. I've decided that when I win the "big one" my mansion will include a fully stocked gift wrapping room. Oh, and I'll be able to spring for high-quality wrapping paper that won't rip on the corners.

  4. Is it bad that I haven't even THOUGHT of wrapping my gifts yet? Seriously, my dad asked me if I had wrapped my mom's yet and I looked at him like he had three heads. "Are you crazy, its not Christmas Eve yet!"

  5. I save my wrapping for Christmas Eve. I like to wrap after my annual drive to look at the lights. I love wrapping.