Tuesday, April 07, 2015


I'm afraid of how much today's news frightens me. I'm afraid of how much it will hurt if I let it.

For years my agency employed a freelance writer, a happily married mother of two who was content to work from her downstate home. We all loved her. The client loved her. She was referred to often today as "a good egg." She had integrity and warmth and dignity. When the project she was working on ended and we had to let her go, she sent a tray of cupcakes over to the office to thank us for the opportunity.

I reached out to her after she was let go. She told me it was just as well, because she could use the extra time to drive her kids to their sporting events. Her husband was so proud and pleased that their children were such jocks.

Today I found out her husband, age 45, was killed instantly in a small plane crash. He and 6 friends were flying back from seeing the NCAA finals and their plane lost its way in the fog. I saw the photo of the wreckage. It's sickening.

His Twitter account is still up. His last tweet was about Wisconsin and Duke.

This should not have happened to her. She is a good person. She deserves better from life than losing her life partner, than trying to shield her kids from the horror of that photo of crumpled steel.

I am reminded of Elizabeth Edwards' words of wisdom -- God promises us enlightenment and eternal life. He doesn't promise us protection or an easy ride.


  1. Oh my goodness - what awful, awful news! Bless her and her family. And bless you, Gal, for feeling so deeply about this.

    I'd hug you if I were there. All I can do is send prayers and angels to those who need them. <3

  2. Wow--how tragic. I'm so sorry to hear about this.

  3. praying for them all...very heartbreaking!

  4. How unbelievably sad. I'll say a prayer for the family today.

  5. so very profound


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